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Chris and Russell are a husband and wife team, who have always enjoyed working together. After years of restoring cars as a hobby, they decided that rather than do the things they were both commercially trained in, they would do together the things they both love (playing with old cars) and combining their talents to create beautiful things. They operate The Veteran Garage from their 7 acre farmlet in the beautiful wine grape region of Mudgee which is situated about 3 ½ hours west of Sydney, NSW, Australia. 

Russell and Chris owner of The Veteran Garage


Well I am actually a Chef by trade! Though the love of cars has been in my blood from an early age. I started work at 11 as a delivery boy for a local Pharmacist on my push bike (drug peddler at 11!). After buying a Beatles record with my first effort at saving, a 1959 car was my second effort (and I have since spent plenty on both, Beatles and cars). By the age of 14, I had 3 old cars in my parent’s back yard (much to their dismay) and I’ve never been without one since. After many, many old cars and many challenging restorations throughout all decades of manufacture, I decided it was time to get a Veteran and pursued this focus until I purchased a 1904 Curved Dash Oldsmobile in 1995. Since then, my passion for veteran cars, and the restoration and manufacture involved with this, has led me through my own restoration exercises to the Veteran Garage business - the present, where I now specialize and hone my many talents and focus on the finer details into this one area of restoration and manufacture.


Chris is trained in Biochemisty, and was employed in liver cancer research for some time but the bureaucracy got her down. So she did the “right thing” (good for me anyway) and came to work for me “us” in our restaurant. The rest as they say is history, Chris was Book keeper / Office administrator for our 70 odd staff and kept me on my toes to boot! After moving to Mudgee to “semi retire” and a sea (tree) change, Chris decided to further her work in Accounting and still assists other businesses within the region. Gifted with small, steady hands (great for getting things out of the sumps), she understands most mechanical things (most of the time, although she still has to turn the map around when we travel!). Grease under her fingernails isn't a problem, (until she has to catch up on book work the following day) !!

Russell and Chris owner of The Veteran Garage


As you can see from the list below, cars keep us busy, vehicles we have are:

  • 1899 Haynes Apperson, this is a real basket case but when do you find a pre 1900 car these day?

  • 1902 Thomas Model 17 Detachable rear entrance Tonneau (restored)

  • 1902 Elmore runabout (restored)

  • 1902 Haynes Apperson (requires restoration)

  • 1903 Haynes Apperson, original unrestored

  • 1906 Cadillac Model H touring, 4 cylinder (under Restoration)

  • 1906 Cadillac Model K (runabout), single cylinder (under Restoration)

  • 1908 Cadillac Model G (this is a long term project that I still need a heap of parts for!)

  • 1908 Black Highwheeler Model 30 Delivery Van (restored)

  • 1910 Maytag Mason, original unrestored

  • 1912 Russell Model 22, touring (requires restoration)

  • 1915 Cadillac Original Race car (under restoration)

  • 1917 Munroe, original unrestored

  • 1918 Cadillac 5 passenger Touring (restored)                         

  • 1937 Chevrolet 4 door convertible "tourer" (Holden bodied, restored)

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